Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Field Trips

The K4 classes went on a field trip a few weeks ago to the park and then to the library for story time. Andy was actually able to join us which made the trip even more of an adventure. For those of you who don't know Andy, he is a big ole kid!!! He was right up there in the middle of all those 4 & 5 year olds having a blast! It was so much fun to watch Brady having such a good time with his friends and daddy. I'm so blessed my kids have a daddy who loves to be with his kids and loves to be involved in everything they do!

Andy playing ball with the kids

My sweet nephew, Jacob
Best buddies - Brady & Eli
Sweet Abby, Brady's other best buddy

We really can draw out here?

Mrs. Bass' K4 Class

Hudson's mother's morning out class took a trip to the science museum and then to the park. Okay, that was just complete chaos. First of all, we knew it was going to be crazy when we pulled in the parking lot and there were about 50 school buses parked in the parking lot. There were kids all over the would have thought they were giving out A's or something. Andy actually came to this field trip as well, but couldn't handle the crowded chaos so he didn't stay too long. The place was so packed that we could hardly move without bumping into someone so Jennifer, Misty, and I decided we'd just head on over to the park for our picnic. Yeah, that was even crazier. Hudson was running all over the place like he was the only kid in the park. He was too funny because he wouldn't stop and play.....he would just run as if he'd never been to a park before and he just didn't know where to start. Hudson had a great time with his friends, especially Addie and Addie Hart, but I was exhausted!!

It's crazy in here....where do we begin?
Check out all this cool stuff, mom!
Look at me...I'm going to climb over this.
Best friends - Addie Hart, Hudson, & Addie
Sweet, sweet Hudson...I love this picture!
You can't catch me....I can run fast!
Check out that hair!
Here I am, Mommy!

Addie Hart enjoying the swings
Addie taking a quick break for a picture