Monday, July 28, 2008

The Wiggles

We went with our sweet friends The Salters this weekend to see The Wiggles Live in Birmingham. This was our 4th time to see The Wiggles....I guess you could call us "groupies". I know some people aren't too crazy about The Wiggles, but we LOVE them!! Believe it or not, they actually put on a GREAT show.....I think the parents enjoy it just as much as the kids. I'd much rather see The Wiggles than Barney or Dora. Don't get me wrong, we like Dora and even Barney, but I just think The Wiggles are little more entertaining. Anyway, we had a blast. This was probably one of my favorite shows.....definitely worth every penny. I was a little worried that Brady might think he was "too old" for The Wiggles, but he probably enjoyed it the most. Oh yeah, thanks to my sweet friend, Jennifer, we had amazing seats - 6th row from the stage!! We were able to go up to the stage after the show and Anthony (the blue Wiggle) and Murray (the red Wiggle) actually said hello to us and posed for some quick close up snap shots.

The Wiggles and The Big Red Car
Anthony Wiggle - my favorite Wiggle
Sam Wiggle
Murray Wiggle
Jeff Wiggle

Wags the Dog
Dorothy the Dinosaur
The Wiggles
Captain Feathersword
Up close with Anthony after the show!
Hudson & Ella in complete "awe"
Will & Brady
Ella waiting for The Wiggles
Sweet Wyatt....he loved The Wiggles!
Jennifer & Addie (not the best quality, but still sweet)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Family Florida Fun

Sorry for the lack of posts, but we've been beach bums for the past week!!! This was our first "successful" family trip to the beach.......We went to Destin 3 years ago but that trip didn't turn out so well. Let's just say it stormed (and I mean stormed) the entire time we were there. We actually left a day early and never once stepped foot onto the beach. While we were there running from the rain I feel while holding Hudson and twisted my ankle....needless to say that was a horrible vacation! After 3 WONDERFUL trips to Disney in the past 3 years we thougth we'd give the beach one more chance. I'm glad we did. We had a great time! The weather was absolutely beautiful and the trip was completely relaxing! The kids had a blast. They were a little unsure about the sand and ocean at first, but by the 3rd day they began to like it. Ella even took a nap on the beach the last day we were about living the good life!! My friend Lisa and her family were staying in Perdido Key so we met up with them one afternoon and went to dinner and then met up with them again the day we left and went to the Aviation Museum in Pensacola. If your ever in Pensacola I highly recommend the Aviation kids LOVED it. Here's a few (okay alot) of pictures from our trip. I tried at least a thousand times to get a good one of all three of them together and of course that didn't happen.

Hudson starting his daily dig in the sand
Brotherly Fun
Daddy & his little girl!

Sweet, clean babies!

Bathing Beauty!
Ella still not sure about the sand!
Too cute....or is it Mr. GQ!
I love that smile!!
Pool fun!
Life at the beach!
Running from the jellyfish!
Sleeping Beach Bum!
Don't mess with me....I'm a ninja turtle!!
My sweet big boy Brady!
Every girl loves her sunglasses, shoes, & cell phone!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ella's 1st Date

Ella had her first date the other night! She absolutely loves John Thomas. He lives across the street from us and they are about 6 weeks apart. He is too cute and Ella takes off running to his house almost everytime we go in the front yard to play. Well, the other night John Thomas invited Ella over to play for a while and of course she had a blast and didn't want to come home. Tiffany (John Thomas's mom) went to take their picture and she said Ella immediately put her arm around John Thomas.....she definitely gets that from her daddy! Aren't they too cute....check out all that blonde hair and those blue eyes!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Saturday Picnic

My dad and stepmom (aka Papaw & Deedee) came by Saturday to visit. They barely got through the front door before Hudson and Ella attacked them and drug them into the playroom. We all went into the playroom and visited for awhile and then I went back into the living room to finish sweeping the floor. After about 15 minutes I noticed things were a little quiet and I hadn't seen my Dad or Diane in a while so I went to the play room to check on everyone and this is what I found:

Hudson set up a picnic for everyone. He loves to have picnics and cook for everyone and he says he is the "cook man". Maybe he'll be a really great chef one day!!