Thursday, February 28, 2008


Just a few more pics of our recent trip to Disney! As you can see we had a blast and can't wait to go back!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Downtown Disney & The Walkers

During our trip to Disney World, we were able to meet up with my college roomate, Jennifer, and her family. They recently moved from Mobile to the Orlando area. Jennifer, Scott, and Jack met us at Downtown Disney for dinner at Captain Jacks. Although, I wasn't able to really sit and visit with Jennifer - we were in a restaurant with 4 kids ages 5 and under (3 of them were my kids) - it was nice to see her, Scott, & Jack and do a little catching up. After dinner we headed over to the Once Upon a Time Disney store and between chasing the kids (mostly my kids) we were able to visit. The kids were in "Disney Heaven". Brady & Hudson ran straight to the Star Wars display where they were able to build their own light saber. Ella found a princess Minnie, which she later switched out for an Annie doll from Little Einstiens; however, Jack was the cutest of them all as he was intrigued with the light up Mickey that spins. You know the one they sale on Main Street right before the parade and fireworks for only $16!! Of all the toys in that place, that was the one thing that got his was too cute. Thanks Jennifer, Scott, and Jack for getting out in that nasty rain to meet up with us. Jack is just so cute and so funny....he is filled with tons of personality! It was great seeing you guys and hope to see you again soon!

Jennifer & Jack
Jack & his discovery of "light & spin" Mickey
He loved this thing!

Brady & Hudson building their own light sabers
They were in complete 'awe' and so excited
Ella discovers princess Minnie
I think she's eating her nose!!!
The Walkers - Jennifer, Jack, & Scott
Me & Jennifer - great pic of Jennifer, not so great of me....please keep in mind we had just come from the pouring rain (I had no umbrella....just that lovely plastic disney poncho!!!)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Disney World

Sorry, it's been awhile since my lost post, but I've been in the "happiest place on Earth" for the past 7 days! Yes, we just got back from Disney World. Well, we actually got back Saturday afternoon, but I'm just now finding a few spare minutes to post. We had a BLAST and can't wait until our next trip. We said we are going to wait 2 years before we go back, but I bet we go within the next 16 months. We absolutely LOVE Disney World! This was Brady & Hudson's 3rd trip and Ella's 2nd trip. The kids did great on the plane - yes, we flew with 3 little ones and would do it all over again. Andy refuses to drive that long of a drive with 3 small kids.....I can't say I blame him! You can't beat a direct flight from Jackson to Orlando.....and in only an hour and a half you're there!!! We were at Magic Kingdom just a few hours after our plane landed!! Andy & I had so much fun watching the kids get so excited.....they were so much fun!! Anyway, I took almost 600 pictures but I promise I won't post all 600 of them. Here's a few of the kids on the plane and our first day at Magic Kingdom. I'll post more pics and details of the trip within a few days! Hope you enjoy!

Daddy & his boys!

Mommy & Ella getting ready for take off!

On our way to Magic Kingdom...We are excited!

Monkeying around before we ride Aladin

Ella saying "hello" to Minnie Mouse

Visit with Minnie at Liberty Tree Tavern

Hanging out with Chip......where's Dale?

Chip playing around with Brady & Hudson

Pluto stops by for a visit

Ella loved the Mickey's Toon Town Fair

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Visit with The Hands

I'm a little late posting these....somehow I completely forgot I took these pictures. Anyway, our dear friends Jeremy & Felicia were passing through from Georgia and we were able to meet up with them for a visit. They lived on the Coast at the same time we did and we all went to church together, were in Bible studies together, and then pretty much hung out together almost every weekend. We all moved from the Coast around the same time and have only gotten together 2 other times since we moved. (I know that's sad) So we were sooo excited to be able to visit with them. This was their first time to meet Ella Caroline and we hadn't seen Elizabeth since she was 8 weeks old. Brady & Anna Lee use to play together almost everyday so it was neat to see how much they have grown and how much they have changed. It was also sad to see how much they had forgotten one another. Thanks for taking time to meet up with us Jeremy & Felicia.....we miss you guys and can't wait for our next visit!!

Sweet Anna Lee - My how she has grown!

Little Ms. Elizabeth - no longer a little baby

Brady & Anna Lee - I don't think they remembered each other

Elizabeth & Ella meet for the 1st time
Ella meeting Mr. Jeremy
What is this crazy man doing to my brother?

Boys will be boys!!

Will these men ever grow up???
Like father like sons!!
Chuck E & the Gang