Friday, September 18, 2009


Mr. Wally the Orkin man just left our house and of course Ella followed him out the door. Andy got her back inside and as she does when anyone leaves our house she stood at the door and watched him pull out of the driveway. As she watched Mr. Wally leave she and her daddy had a very interesting conversation.

Andy: "Ella, don't open that door?"

Ella: "I need to go outside."

Andy: "Why?"

Ella: "I need to go check on that."

Andy: "What?"

Ella: "That outside. I need to see what that is."

Andy: "There's nothing out there you need to worry about."

Ella: "I am worried about it!"

Oh, just one of the many reasonings she can come up with. You would never know that just six hours ago she was recovering from Outpatient Dental Surgery! Other than a being a little cranky when she came out of anesthesia and not wanting to wake up....she did GREAT and is back to her normal, playful self!