Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! Andy and I had a great night out to dinner last night and then spent today loving on our kiddos!! They are so precious and bring a whole new meaning to Valentine's Day! I made the kids heart-shaped cookies and I think we've eaten every one of them today!

Brady & Hudson had their Valentine's party at school yesterday. Thank goodness Andy was free Friday morning because their parties were at the same time. Andy & Ella joined Hudson first while I set things up for Brady's party and then we switched.....that way we were both able to go to both of their parties. I believe Hudson has a new Valentine.....this precious little girl, Claudia, sits next to him and he just adores her. When she left he said, "Bye, Claudia. Happy Valentine's Day....I love you!" He's such a hammm.....or should I say he's just like his daddy!

Happy Valentine's Brady!
Check out Brady's "big boy" haircut!
I think Hudson was excited to see me!
Do you think Ella might be a tad bit jealous???

Monday, February 2, 2009

100th Day of School

Last Tuesday Brady's school celebrated the 100th day of school. Unfortunately, Brady was home recovering from the stomach bug. He was so sad to miss the 100th day. He knew that his teacher had lots of fun things planned for them. I felt so bad for him not only because he didn't feel well, but I knew how disappointed he was that he wasn't going to be able to join his friends in all the fun. I decided we'd have our own celebration. That afternoon when he started feeling better I pulled out the M & M's I'd bought for him to take to school and let him count out 100 of them. He was excited....not sure if it was because he was so eager to count to 100 or the fact that I told him he could eat the M & M's after he counted out 100. So he counted his 100 and then made the number 100 from the M & M's he counted. He was even nice enough to share some of his M & M's with his mommy!