Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Wonderland Pics

We still can't believe we have snow....our ground, car, house, even garbage can is covered with snow! The kids were so excited that I picked them up early. Once I got there to pick them up I found out they were closing school early so I was glad I got there to beat the rush. I barely got everyone's snow gear, oh yeah we live in MS and don't have any snow gear, before they were out the door and in the snow. Brady and Hudson loved the snow, Ella wasn't so sure about it. By the time we got out to play there was a little sleet mixed in with the snow and she just didn't care for that so much. The boys took of to play with the kiddos behind us but were back home within 15 minutes. Brady was completely wet, you know our MS snow gear consisted of old tennis shoes which are NOT water friendly. The other two had rain boots, but unfortunately Brady had outgrown his rainboots. Maybe I'll invest in some snow gear so we'll be better prepared for our next will probably occur sometime in the next 5 years!!

Winter Wonderland!

It's SNOWING!!! And I mean SNOWING!! I don't have any pics yet because I'm trying to charge the camcorder batteries and camera batteries. I'm leaving in just a few minutes to pick the kids of from preschool a little early and then we're coming home to play in the snow.....check back later for some pics from a Mississippi Snow!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Cold Feet

So Hudson and and the little girl next door have become the best of friends....sometimes it's even safe to say she is his "girlfriend". One day he tells her they're getting married and they are off playing "wedding." Two hours later he's breaking up with her and moving on to the older girl next door. (Such a typical male!) Well, this particular night things were going pretty good so I think they decided to go ahead and get married. By the time the lovely Bride was all dressed and ready for her special day I guess Hudson had changed his mind. He was on the floor playing and not a bit concerned that she was looking so lovely in her wedding attire. I think this really annoyed her as her response was, "Get Up! You need to marry me!"
Hudson continued to play and I'm sad to say the wedding did not go on as planned! I just love these two....they're so much fun to watch!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Giving Thanks

Once again I'm just a little behind a posting. I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday....don't get me wrong I love Christmas, but there's just something I love about Thanksgiving. I think it's the joy of being with loved ones and just the simplicity of that....the pure company of our family and friends and no "hoopla" to go with it. I have so much to be thankful for today and everyday. God has definitely bestowed his blessings upon me and my family and for that I am most grateful.
This year I hosted Thanksgiving at my house. The day before Thanksgiving I starting stressing just a slight little bit and thought what in the world was I thinking volunteering to have Thanksgiving at my house....I must have been completely insane. But when I woke up Thursday morning I was very excited. It seemed like noon just couldn't get here fast enough. Before I can take all the credit, I must inform you that by hosting I meant I allowed my home to be the place of gathering and fellowship. I, by no means, prepared the entire meal. I did contribute somewhat....I made the black eyed peas (fresh...not canned or're suppose to be impressed), macaroni & cheese, and two desserts. A many, many thanks to my sweet mom, mother-in-law, sister, and sister-in-law for contributing to our wonderful Thanksgiving feast. The food was delicious and the day was lots of fun. There was no other way to end such a perfect Thanksgiving meal with nothing other than a little Rock Band fun. Yes, that's right after our plates were empty and our bellies full, we pulled out the Wii for a little rock-n-roll revolution. I must admit that while no one is knocking down our doors to sign us up for the next American Idol or Who Wants to Be a Rock Star, my brother can rock out the guitar, my hubby & oldest son aren't so shabby on the drums, and my sister, by far, has the best voice in the family. I didn't even think to pull out my camera until we were all just about done for the day, but I did manage to get a few picks of my mom rocking it out on the guitar....she's probably going to kill me for this!

I guess I can say that I'm thankful for a family that loves one another and most of all loves to have fun together!!