Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hudson's Birthday Party

Hudson's 4th birthday was last Wednesday (10/22) and we celebrated this past Sunday with a party at our house. The weather was absolutely beautiful.....actually it was very warm.....more like May instead of October. The warm weather explains why my child, and a few others, ran around most of the party without his shirt on.....welcome to mississippi....maybe we should change the title to "My redneck birthday party." I 'm pretty sure that everyone had a great time at the party. The kids loved playing on the inflatable slide and bouncer and the adults enjoyed some "hangin' out" time. Hudson was too funny. He was not waiting to open presents so as the guests arrived he greeted them and took their gift and opened right there. Yes, I do try to teach my children manners but come on he's only 4 and you know at that age the only thing on their mind is the gift. I don't think anyone was was actually pretty cute. I'm being lazy and instead of sorting through all the pics and uploading my favorites I'm just creating a slideshow of the entire party. Hope you enjoy!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Hudson!

Has it really been four years?? I cannot believe Hudson celebrated his 4th birthday yesterday. He's just growing up way too fast. Even though he's left the toddler stage and quickly approaching the "big boy" era, he never ceases to make us laugh. He's so full of personality. Andy and I are so blessed with the joy, laughter, and love he brings to our family. He's such a happy, fun, and easy to love child!! The kids were out of school yesterday for parent/teacher conferences so my sister and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and suprised our kids with a trip to the Ag Museum. What a beautiful day and great way to celebrate Hudson's 4th birthday!! His party is this weekend so I'll post those pics later. Happy Birthday Hudson!! We love you!!!

The birthday boy.....isn't he just so darn cute!

The Cruthirds/Holloway Crew
Mary Katharine, Ella, Brady & Jacob
My sister, Kim, Hudson, Zachary, & Ella
Sweet, sweet Brady
Sweet sibling love!
Jacob taking a pose!
Pumpkin Pickin

Sweet girls!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Chappell

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Chappell. My brother and Jennifer were married last Saturday at Dunleith Plantation in Natchez. I must say that it was by far one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended and I'm not just saying that because it's my brother. Everything was absolutely BEAUTIFUL including the weather!! I can honestly say it was a fairtytale wedding. Not only was everything so beautiful, but it was just fun, fun, FUN!! The Pouncey/Chappell gang just knows how to have fun. I think it has something to do with the fact that we are all pretty much laid back and easy going and we really like one another's family. We also celebrated my brother's 30th birthday on Friday night at the rehearsal dinner...Happy Birthday Jonathan!! Here's just a few pics from the weekend. More pics and details from the wedding to come.

The Flower Girl

Program Attendants & Ushers

The Ring Bearer

Ella's First Haircut

Ella's hair has been needing a slight little trim for some time now, but I've been so reluctant to have it cut. She always goes with her big brothers to get their hair cut and climbs in the chair when it's her turn and Mrs. Kathy of course "pretends" to cut her hair. Ella just loves it and thinks she's such a big girl. Well, I decided it was time for an actual trim and made an appointment for her when I took the boys to get their hair cuts. She was such big girl and climbed right up in the chair and this time got a real haircut. Well, it was more like a "itty bitty trim". Thank goodness Kathy & I were on the same page and she knew I was not ready to part with any of her length. She made sure it was just a slight trim. Thanks Mrs.'re the best!!

Happy Birthday Brady!

I'm still trying to play "catch-up" so of course I'm a little behind on posting pics from Brady's birthday. My sweet boy turned six on September 26th.....YIKES!! It's official....he's no longer a baby! Somebody please slow down the clock...he's just growing up way too fast!!. We celebrated family and friends with a party at Pump It just can't go wrong with Pump It UP. All you have to do is show up and they take care of the rest....that's my kind of party!! Happy Birthday Brady! I LOVE YOU!!!
Proud Birthday Boy!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wedding Showers

Last month (I know I'm a little behind) my sister and I hosted a Bridal shower in honor of our soon to be sister-in-law, Jennifer. I think Ella had just as much fun as Jennifer. She helped Jennifer open a few gifts and then moved on to her true passion: purses, shoes and jewelry. Of course I was a little busy hosting and didn't get any pictures of this, but Ella took one ladies purse from the floor and put it on her shoulder, then took another ladies bracelet, and then tried to take another ladies shoes....please note that she did not politely ask for these things....Oh no, my kleptomaniac child stole them!! Here's a few pics from the shower.

The cake

Aunt Jennifer & Ella (yes, that's food in her mouth)

One of the many nice gifts she received

Ella helping open presents

Ella wearing the gloves I wore on my wedding day. My sister and I used our wedding dresses to decorate for the shower....that's my dress in the background!

That same night some of Jennifer's friends hosted a lingerie shower. It was a nice lingerie shower with lots of beautiful floral arrangements. I must say that this was by far one of the classiest lingerie showers I have attended; well, with the exception of the unexpected entertainmnet. That's right there was some entertainment, but trust me it was "clean". Unannounced to me or anyone else at the shower, my dear sweet husband was the entertainment for the read correctly.....he was the "entertainment" or "stripper". (Don't worry he didn't really was clean, fun entertainment.....more of a joke to Jennifer. My mom & grandmother and Jennifer's mom & grandmother were there so I can assure you it was good clean fun....I don't think any of us there are the "stripper" type.)

Jennifer's mom had this great idea to play a joke on Jennifer, and every one else at the shower - including the hostesses. Gotta love Jennifer's mom Ms. Cythia...she's just nothing but FUN!! She thought it would be funny to make the night "unforgettable" and arrange for some entertainment for the night. For some reason she thought my husband would be perfect for the job. I guess b/c he's always joking and nothing embarrasses him (those of you who know Andy best know why she chose him). So she and Andy (along with the help of my sweet friend Misty - you know the one who always comes to my rescue) planned the whole thing. I had no prior knowledge of any of this. I found out when the the doorbell rang and in walks my husband dressed in scrubs with a boom box in his hand attempting to do some type of dancing to I'm Too Sexy. He did rip off his scrubs, but don't worry he had shorts and a shirt underneath....and he didn't know what to do after that point. Everyone was laughing so hard...I think because he's such a terrible dancer and has absolutely no rhythm that they felt so sorry for him. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my was too funny. He was such a great sport about the whole thing and laughed just as hard as we did. Needless to say my husband does not need to quit his day job.....we would definitely STARVE!! These are the only pics I managed to get....I was too busy laughing.

One of the many beautiful flower arrangements

The entertainment!

Trying to figure out his "sound system"

Jennifer realizing this was my husband....her soon to be brother-in-law!

I think she was a little relieved that it was Andy playing a joke on her and not a real stripper!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's been a While!!

Yes, I know I'm a severe "slacker". It's been almost a month since my last post and I'm so sorry I've neglected my blog, but we've been living life in the severly "fast lane" lately. Here's just a quick run down on the somewhat major things that have happened in the past month. Ella had her second set of tubes put in and adenoids removed, bridal showers, lingerie showers, couples showers, (my brother is getting married in 9 days and we are sooo excited), a funeral (my mom's baby brother passed away from a heart attack....please pray for my mom & grandmother as this has been extremely difficult for the both of them), Brady celebrated his 6th birthday(my baby is growing up too fast), and in between all of this we've had everyday, ordinary life going on....not to mention I've been running around getting things together for Jonathan & Jennifer's wedding. All 3 of my sweet babies are in the wedding so I'm trying to make sure everyone has exactly what they need for the rehearsal dinner, bridal luncheon, and wedding itself. Needless to say, when I have had a free moment I've just been way too exhausted to even think about blogging. I promise to do better. I have some great pics from the showers (and a funny story) and pics from Brady's birthday party and hope to get them posted before we leave next week for the wedding. I'm short on time tonight, but hopefully will have some time tomorrow afternoon to post pics. Just don't give up on me yet!!!