Friday, March 23, 2007

The "Uncle B's" Come to Town!

Okay, I know this post is long over due, but I mistakenly saved these pictures to some random folder and couldn't find them anywhere. I thought I had deleted them somehow. Thank goodness I finally found them....

A few weeks ago, three of Andy's very good friends - Brian, Brian, and Brad -came to visit. Andy met these guys about 5 years ago when he began working for Synthes. They all started around the same time and met at their first training session in Rochester, New York. They became very good friends and since then have remained close friends. After five years of friendship, I had only met Brad. In May of 2003 we went to Disney World with Brad and his girlfriend at the time, Dena. Other than a few brief phone conversations, I had yet to meet Brian or Brian. Andy had gone to visit these guys a few times and always talked about them, but I had never met them personally. Well, I finally got to meet Brian and Brian. Brad, Brian, and Brian came to visit for the weekend. I now know why Andy has such a great friendship with these guys. They truly are GREAT guys....that and, well, no one else could put up with them the way they do. The guys, aka Uncle Briddle, Uncle Brian, and Uncle Brad, were lots of fun and were GREAT with the kids.....except for putting the dinosaur under Brady's bed....he was not very fond of the idea that the dinosaurs were going to hatch and jump out of the water and run around his house. That's not something you tell a very nervous and anxious four year old. Thank goodness Andy found the dinosaur under his bed before Brady saw it. (Sorry, Briddle for making you think he really had to get stitches....I thought Andy told you the truth). We spent most of the day Saturday at Chuck E. Cheese. I wish you could have seen us in that place.....we definitely stuck out there. We really didn't fit in anywhere we went that weekend.....can you picture four adult males, one adult female, and three children ages four and under. I wish you could have seen the looks we got as people we're trying to figure us out, especially since my kids were calling everyone "uncle". Needless to say, lots of stares came our way.....not to mention we were probably louder than anyone else wherever we went. But hey, we had fun and we didn't care who thought what.....especially our friends from Stone Cold Creamery!!! (ha,ha Brian and Brad). Hudson actually woke up Monday morning asking, by name, where the guys was too cute. Each of you are going to make excellent fathers one day. Thanks for making the trip. It meant alot to Andy. We had a Blast!! Please come visit us again!!

Brad & Brady wrestling on the couch

Brian Deustch, Brady, Brian Briddle, Ella, & Brad

Hudson, Brian Briddle, and Ella (they had just awoken from a was really sweet)

Ella, Hudson, & Brady at Chuck E. Cheese

Brian Deustch, Andy, Brad, me, & Brian Briddle

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Andy!

This past Sunday was Andy's birthday. His mom came in town to visit and watch the kids so we could celebrate. The kids had lots of fun visiting with their Gigi. They played nonstop. I especially enjoyed a little break and our "girl shopping time"......Thanks Gigi for all the shoes!!! (You would have thought it was my birthday!!)

Daddy and the kids opening Gifts!!

Gigi & Deedee feeding everyone as we left for dinner.

Andy & I getting ready to celebrate his 32nd birthday!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Visit from The Taylors

My good friend Brandi (Jones) Taylor, her daughter Abby, and Brandi's niece, Paris, were in town and stopped by for a quick visit. Brandy and Abby live in Katy, Texas so we don't get to see them very often. I haven't seen Abby since she was 4 months old, so it was good to see her again and see how much she's grown - she was a preemie and has come a long way!! Hudson really liked Abby....he was so cute trying to hold her hand (of course I didn't get a picture of that). Ella didn't know what to think. She was so tired she just wanted to go to sleep. Maybe next visit Ella and Abby can actually play together. It was great to see you Brandi!!

Play Day

My friend Lisa (Harper) Hutton had her third child, Evan Thomas Hutton, on March 2. Lisa's older two children, Harlie (6) and Jake(4), came over to play while Lisa took Evan to the doctor and then back home for a little rest. It was fun to have Harlie and Jake over for a play day. We also had the neighbors - Ashyln & Brynn- over to play. Yes, I had seven children ages 6 and under at my house.....we played outside most of the time. It was lots of fun and the kids really enjoyed playing together. I enjoyed watching them play together and listening to them laugh.

Ella's 9 Months

I cannot believe that our little "Ella Bella" is already 9 months old!! What a blessing she is and what joy she brings to our family. She definitely completes the Cruthirds Family. With her being our last, I try to savor every moment and enjoy this precious baby stage. The boys, for the most part, are very good with her and love her dearly. Brady tells me all the time he's going to marry Ella and always protect her. They both really are sweet to her.....sometimes too loving and sweet. She's tough though and can hold her on......with Brady and Hudson as her big brothers there's no doubt she will be the toughest girl on the block.

Ella at 9 months

Ella and Brady

Ella trying to escape from Hudson - I think she had enough of all of his kisses.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Angelle's Shower

This past Sunday I, along with Andie Aiken, Presley Wilson, and Cherie Wright, hosted a baby shower for Angelle. Jason and Angelle are expecting their first baby - a Boy- in April. The shower went very well. A special thanks to Presley for her "southern living" display. Everything was arranged so pretty. It was so nice to visit with some of my close friends from college and to get to see Jamie's little girl, Taylor.

Me, Presley, Angelle, Cherie, and Andie

Jennifer, Jamie, Taylor, and Me

Finally a Blogger

I've finally decided to join the "blog" world. I've enjoyed keeping up with my friends and their families through their blog, but didn't think I had much time to keep up with a blog. After much convincing from my "blogger" friends, I decided to create a blog of my own. Here's a quick update on what's going on in my life. Andy and I will be married 9 years in June. We live in Brandon, MS and have three wonderful children - Brady (4), Hudson (2), and Ella (9 mo.). The picture is the only picture I had of all three of them looking somewhat decent and smiling at the camera. I think the picture is from Christmas so it's a little old. I had their Easter pictures made last week and will post those when I get them back.