Monday, January 28, 2008

Countown to Disney

Yippie!!! We leave for Disney in 2 weeks and we can't wait!!! Every night Brady & Hudson ask us how many more times do they have to sleep? This is there way of comprehending we leave in 13 days. They are so excited and are talking nonstop about what they are going to ride first. Of course right now instead of getting things in order for our trip we are fighting off yucky colds & viral infections. Ella ran a fever first so we headed to the dr. thinking she had strep - it's going around like crazy here and one of the kiddos in her MMO class tested positive for it last week. Well, thankfully she tested negative and just had some type of viral infection. She was fine within 24 hours. Hudson then woke up Friday morning with a high temp....I decided to hold off on taking him to the dr. b/c I'm sure his was just viral.....siblings just love to share germs, right. Well he continued to run a high fever until Sunday morning, but then woke up Sunday with a yucky cough, congestion, and runny nose. Fevers now gone, but cough & congestion have moved in!! Most of the time that doesn't stop Hudson, but today this poor guy has been pitiful! So back to the dr. we go. She did a flu test, which came back negative....yippie b/c that's going around like wildfire too! She said his sinuses were completely blocked and the fever was probably from a viral infection. He's gotten worse since we came home from the dr. and has started running fever again......please don't let this sinus infection turn into the flu or strep. We're on Vantin for 14 days hoping he will be all cleared up before our trip to the "Happiest Place on Earth"! Let's just pray this does this trick and we stay out of that yucky, germ infested dr. office for awhile!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sweet Babies

First, I must tell you that Ella absolutely adores her big brothers.....she just LOVES them! For the most part they adore her as well.......however, there are those occasional moments when they get a little frustrated with her - like when she tries to knock down the star war jedi's they have so neatly lined up. Well, last night this is how I found my babies. They had just gotten out of the bathtub and were watching a little "Super Why" before we started our bedtime routine. Hudson was snuggled up next to Ella, but as soon as I got my camera he moved over and insisted on being photographed by himself - little stinker!! (Sorry, the pictures are a little blurry....I'm still trying to figure out how to use my camera) These babies melt my heart.....I just love them to pieces!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saturday Fun

Andy's been out of town since Wednesday and will return on Monday - yippie!!! Anyway, I've been going a little stir crazy in the house the past few days - we had some pretty yucky weather last week and have been stuck indoors. What about Chick-fil-A, Back Yard Burgers, or Gattitown.......great idea, but who wants to load up three kids ages 5, 3, & 18 months and hit the roads??? Sometimes it's just much easier to stay in the comforts of our own home. Other than leaving to pick the kids up from school and a trip to Target with my mom (I don't go too many places alone with all 3 of them) we haven't been out much! Saturday morning came and I was about to go crazy......I had to get out of the house!!! So the kids and I went to watch my niece and nephew play Upwards Basketball. Brady & Hudson love watching them play and even Ella had a good time cheering on her cousins. Afterwards, my niece, Mary Katharine, and my youngest nephew, Jacob, came over to play. The kids had a blast. The weather was great so we headed outside to play. I had a great time just watching them play. They played outside for hours. All that play must have been exhausting because my kids were well asleep by 7:45! Thanks Mary & Jacob for coming to play with us....we had lots of FUN!

Do you see what's missing?

Training wheels!!

Mary Katharine leading the gang

My sweet, sweet May-May!
Hudson....trying to give me his serious pose.
Whee, look at me mom!

Yes, those are cowboy pj's with his boots!!
Did you see how far I threw that?
Jacob just loves Ella.....she just loves to ride!
You can't really tell, but she is just a smiling!
Hold on, Ella!

Don't worry Ella, we'll get you out of this!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wii are having FUN!!

The title says it all.....and that's why it's been a while since my last posting. Andy got a Wii Nintendo Game system for Christmas and it has been more of a gift for the family than just for him. Our entire family, yes, even Ella, is having a blast! The first 3 nights after Christmas Andy & I were putting the kids to bed early and then staying up until nearly 1:00 am playing this thing. We've played so much that our arms were sore and we had to slack off a little joke I could barely move my right arm b/c it hurt too bad. We have had so much fun playing with the kids and even playing each other. We even joked about hiring a babysitter and instead of having date night inviting some friends over to play the Wii! If you're unfamiliar with the Wii it's an interactive video game system where you swing the remote to interact with the system. My favorite is actually swing the remote just like you would swing your arm to through the bowling ball. What stinks is that my 5 year old always beats me and gets a strike nearly every time he bowls! Brady has mastered baseball & tennis.....I don't even like to play with him because he beats me soo bad and I even stay up late practicing and still can't seem to even make the game interesting. We've have lots of friends coming over more frequently and Brady even had a spend the night guest (my friend Lisa's little boy, Jake) do you think it might have something to do with the Wii???

Andy testing out Wii Golf

Testing out Baseball

Brady & his friend Jake playing tennis

Brady & Ella doing a little bowling

Look, mom, I bowled better than you!