Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ella & Paci
It's been one week without paci and Ella is doing GREAT!!! It's been much easier than I ever imagined. The first few nights were a little rough, but very manageable. However, she hasn't really even mentioned the paci in the past two days! Yeah Ella! We're so proud of you!

Brennan Bass
Keep the prayers coming!!! Brennan had an ok night and they did not take him back into surgery this morning. It's my understanding that this is a good thing because they feel his body is able to hold off so I assume the antibiotics are working. They postponed the surgery to give his body more time to get stronger. The doctors left the incision open so I think they will go back in in the morning to make clean him out again and make sure his body is fighting the infection and then close him up. His vital signs are good and his color is good. He is in an induced comma, but I got word a while ago that he squeezed his mommy's hand earlier today....PRAISE GOD!!! I know most of you do not know Brennan or his family, but please don't let that stop you from praying for them. God knows Brennan! Thanks for your prayers!


Jennifer Walker said...

Thanks for the update Andi. We are praying for him. It was good to talk with you today too.

Amanda Wells said...

Good news! Both on Brennan and Ella!

Mandye said...

Thanks for the updates, Andi! We have been praying for Brennan. What a great sign that he squeezed his mommy's hand! Halelujah!